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Description: This report provides a complete view of agent management by summarizing the advisor‘s activity individually, indicating the total of managed calls (inbound/outbound/internal), the time used in each phase of customer service (ring time, ACW and AHT), date and time of Log In/Log Out, in addition to the amount of hits and RPC.

Type of request: GET How it works:

  • This API is consumed by GET method.
  • To consume this API, you must replace {ip_ipdialbox} in the url with the nomenclature of the operation server and {token} generated from Wolkvox Manager to obtain the information securely.
  • Please note that the same token cannot be consumed simultaneously, so you can program the next API to be consumed when the result of the previous one is successful.
  • In terms of time, to track your operation you can make a consumption every 5 minutes of the information.


apiTipo de reporte requeridoString
date_iniInitial Date (YYYYmmddHHiiss)String
date_endFinal Date (YYYYmmddHHiiss)String


agent_idIt is the numerical user that is assigned to each of the Wolkvox Agent users.String
agent_dniIt is the identification document of each of the Wolkvox Agent users.String
agent_nameIt is the name that is assigned to each of the Wolkvox Agent users.String
callsIndicates number of calls (inbound, outbound and internal)String
inboundThe number of incoming calls handled by the agent.String
outboundThe number of outgoing calls handled by an agent.String
internalRefers to calls handled within the operation.String
ready_timeIt indicates the time the agent has remained in ready auxiliary state.String
inbound_timeIndicate the time the agent has handled incoming calls.String
outbound_timeIndicate the time the agent has handled outgoing calls.String
acw_timeIt is the time the agent has spent developing activities required after the call is finished.String
ring_timeIndicates the time elapsed from when the call is dialed until it is answered.String
login_timeIndicates the time the agent remained connected to Wolkvox Agent.String
ahtAverage Handling Time or Call Average Time measures the time it takes for an agent to attend to a customer.String
occupancyIndicate the total time the agent was on calls or call documentation.String
aux_timeIt is the time the agent has been in auxiliary states.String
hitsAgent performance indicator which indicates successful achievement or sale.String
rpcCalls successfully processed during the first call made by the customer. This is First Contact Resolution.String
aht_outbundAverage Handling Time measures the amount of time a agent takes to handle outbound calls.String
aht_inboundAverage Handling Time measures the amount of time a agent takes to handle incoming calls.String
loginIndicate the start date and time of the agents session.String
logoutIndicate the end date and time of the agents session.String

Possible response codes
					$curl = curl_init();

curl_setopt_array($curl, array(
  CURLOPT_URL => 'https://wv{{wolkvox_server}}.wolkvox.com/api/v2/reports_manager.php?api=agent_1&date_ini={{YYYYmmddHHiiss}}&date_end={{YYYYmmddHHiiss}}',
    'wolkvox-token: {{token}}'

$response = curl_exec($curl);

echo $response;


    "code": 200,
    "error": null,
    "msg": "1 records were found",
    "data": [
            "agent_id": "",
            "agent_dni": "",
            "agent_name": "",
            "aux_state": "",
            "time": ""
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