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IVR or voicebots

Guide your customers in each call with 100% personalized and automated IVRs that use Artificial Intelligence.

Design custom IVRs with wolkvox Studio

Create automated and natural interactions with a voicebot, using more than 350 default voices or creating a custom one. You can select the language, tone, gender, accent, among other features, according to the identity and needs of your company.

This is how our solution works

By designing an IVR in wolkvox Studio you can send SMS, WhatsApp, emails, run integrations to capture or send information about your services, record the customer’s voice, perform user voice recognition, sentiment analysis processes and establish communication with your databases.

In addition, it is possible to integrate our IVR with Dialogflow so that, based on natural language processing and the use of Artificial Intelligence, you can automatically manage your clients’ requests according to the identified needs.

Under the Continuous Delivery approach, you can use your IVRs to notify your customers about the performance of your operation in real time. Likewise, you can modify the flows up to 30 times and have a backup of the changes.

Advantages of using an IVR

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