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Why wolkvox?


A solution always within your reach

From anywhere in the world, wolkvox allows you to provide the best experience to all the people involved in your operation (CX + EX). With our suite, you can build a solid relationship between your clients and collaborators, integrating channels and interactions on the same platform.

Your technology in the hands of a versatile, innovative team with human quality

Our company is conformed by more than 100 talented, passionate people committed to creating the most disruptive and easy-to-use technology solutions on the market. We are moved by service, agility, creativity and thirst for learning. Always with an open mind, we seek to go beyond the conventional.


Reliable and secure

Our clients speak for us! When you decide to become a wolkvox client, not only do you have the most innovative contact center solutions on the market at hand, but you also have an ally to optimize your operation, protect your information and grow your business.

A great experience

What our customers say

"We are very impressed by the simple and agile solution implementation process, the ease of scaling up and down according to business needs, the potential for integration with our information systems and its intuitive use for end user profiles and administrators.

With wolkvox we are solving the main problem faced by all Contact Centers, using omnichannel to improve the end customer and user (Agent) experience. This is excellent for companies seeking profitability for the implementation of communication strategies with their customers."
Sergio Arroyave
IT Director at Contento BPS
"The software has a multitude of connectors, allowing it to be a true omnichannel solution for customer service.

In general our experience has been very positive, the platform is intuitive, the solution can be fully implemented in less than 1 week and you pay exclusively for the services you consume. There are no hidden costs."
Juan David Botero
Project Coordinator at Compucom
“It is very easy to define dialing strategies for different channels, and you can contact customers by telephone, SMS, WhatsApp, or email depending on the campaign definition. The "Autopilot" functionality is excellent, because it allows you to define an action immediately in the event of a busy signal, no answer or voicemail, as well as the number of retries. Another good thing about the software is that it is constantly updated with new versions released almost monthly, which include improved features, reports, and bug fixes. wolkvox allows actions besides traditional telephone channels to serve email, WhatsApp and social networks like Facebook Messenger and Twitter, managing them similarly to phone calls and generating reports on those interactions and chats."
Eduardo Cabrera
CEO of Mainatek S.A.S
"I highlight the innovation capacity and speed of the wolkvox team for adapting to new customer and market requirements. It is the best cost-benefit option on the market and framed within a concept of flexibility and consumption-based charges. A complete experience, with ongoing innovation, easy to use and easy to buy".
Alejandro González
Field Sales Representative for Google
"It is an economical and easy-to-use platform that integrates easily with the different needs of the call center, the BPO and our customers. They are fast and at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge technology, making it easy to implement and achieve business goals. The platform helps us diversify our solutions portfolio, providing a timely response to our partners and being able to count on the integrations and functionalities to achieve commercial results, both for the company and for our partners".
Pedro Franco
Design and Implementation Manager at Contento BPS

Get wolkvox

Please let us know of any questions you might have. An expert is standing by to help.

Wolkvox is a solution for contact center that allows you to provide the best experience to all the people involved in your operation CX + EX
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