IP Telephony

DID numbers

Create a 100% customized inbound strategy by setting up your DIDs.

Autonomously design your inbound strategies

DID means ‘Direct Inward Dialing’. These are virtual numbers with no directly associated telephone lines.  This type of number can be used to route incoming calls to employees or responsible areas. 

How does it work?

Incorporate this feature into your company to autonomously manage your inbound strategies when receiving customer calls. A DID allows you to direct them to the person who should attend them, depending on your users’ reason for calling. 

Using wolkvox Manager, you can configure a route for each number within range assigned to your company by your telecommunications company – known as a DNIS -, integrate them with the corresponding IVR so they will be served at the correct destination, and assign them a name of your choice.

Advantages of using DIDs

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