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IP Telephony

Inbound DID numbers

Create a 100% personalized inbound strategy by configuring your DIDs.

Autonomously design your entry strategies

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) refers to a virtual number that has a telephone line directly associated to it. These kinds of numbers are used to direct incoming calls to your collaborator or the area in charge.

How does it work?

Incorporate this functionality in your company to autonomously manage your inbound strategies when receiving calls from your customers. With a DID you can direct them to the person who should attend them, depending on the reason for contacting your users have.

From wolkvox Manager, you can configure the route of each of the numbers within the range that your telecommunications provider assigned to your company – known as DNIS -, integrate it with the corresponding IVR so that it is served at the correct destination, as well as assign them a name of your choice.

You can also use them in the Intelligent Dialing functionality, in which the system gives you a downloadable file with the information of the effective telephone numbers by ID and the most likely time of contact for you to reach your clients.

Advantages of using Inbound DID Numbers

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