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Voice and screen recording

Easily and quickly access the information of your operations by recording voice and screen.

Check the details of your interactions

To carry out your quality analysis you can count on the voice and screen recording functionality, which gives you visual and auditory access to the agents’ procedures, so you can check that the agents’ speech is consistent with the execution of the process they are in charge of and standardize your attention model.

This functionality is available to record a certain percentage of calls at a general level and, at the same time, on demand, in which case you will need to include the Screen and Voice Recording component in your flows.

Voice and Screen Recording was designed to comply with the regulations that require traceability of the steps taken in an interaction or transaction with customers.

Record the voice of each call

Regarding Call Recording, you have access to an entire base of recorded calls to which you can apply search filters such as the start or end date, the call ID, the agent ID, the queue ID, the ID of your client or his phone number.

To perform actions such as playing audio, exporting audio, or copying interaction information, you must right-click the record and choose the corresponding option. It is worth mentioning that our functionality allows you to choose different playback speeds between 75%, 100%, 150% and 500%.

How can you record screen?

You must select the routing in which you want to do the screen recording, either for a part or for the entire flow in general. Then, you will be able to view the recording of the call in a player within our platform. In addition, you will have a watermark where you will see the information of the call, such as the date, time and the ID of the agent who answered it.

Why use Voice and Screen Recording?

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