Deliver a unique, personalized and agile omnichannel experience to your patients through any contact channel: web chat, call, SMS, email, social networks, WhatsApp and other instant messaging platforms.

Be reliable for your customers in their most complex moments.

When it comes to healthcare, every minute counts. Design more human experiences for your users and make the processes of requesting appointments, general information queries, payments and insurance coverage agile and simple for them. You can integrate different channels to process their requests and provide them with the timely information they need for their errands.

Virtual agents representing the voice of your company

Automated processes do not lose the human touch with the high personalization you can attribute to your virtual voice or chat agents. You can choose their gender, accent and language to be a reflection of your company’s values, while providing a satisfying experience to your customers and perfecting your customer service model.

View detailed reports on each interaction

In the health sector it is vital to have a record of what happens in the management of each of the interactions. With our more than 70 reports you can make queries, identify strengths and weaknesses and review the figures to verify or adjust the fulfillment of your goals and indicators. 

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