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wolkvox Studio

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate your most frequent back-office tasks with our Robotic Process Automation solution.

Back-office tasks handled by a super-intelligent robot

RPA is a low-code application that allows you to intelligently automate digital tasks from start to finish through software bots, making quick, safe, efficient and useful decisions that previously only a human could make.

Automate your most basic processes with a low-code solution

The platform is focused on strengthening the digital strategy of your company to execute functions of back office, front office, virtual agents, office tasks, among other actions that involve repetitive processes but that generate direct benefits.

To create flows in RPA you do not need to be an expert in coding. You just have to drag and parameterize components, be they basic, for office tasks, for different navigation or desktop processes, email account management, among others.

wolkvox RPA is designed to be configured under 3 fundamental lines of work:


Design flows to automate smart solutions easily and intuitively in a graphical environment.


Create and manage user groups, roles and features, and assign the necessary automations.


Extract productivity reports from each automation and parameterize business reports.

You can use RPA to:

In addition to the following uses, with our solution you can also carry out Integrations through APIs with databases, web pages, ERP or CRM-type platforms and other multicloud services.

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