Automate your operation and your customers experience with bots and artificial intelligence in a simple, agile and dynamic way.
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Use chatbots to automate your service processes

Unify your synchronous channels (Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Line, Telegram, Web Chat) by creating a single chatbot to manage your customers’ requests in an omnichannel way.

Set up custom chatbots and provide the best experience to your customers

Our chatbots have the ability to communicate with your customers using Artificial Intelligence to generate natural conversations and solve their requirements at first contact. They also allow integrations to capture or send information about your services and clients as well as analyze the sentiment of your clients in each interaction and identify texts, faces, objects and other characteristics from an image. On the other hand, before ending an interaction, the chatbot can start the satisfaction survey and notify automatically without the need for an advisor to intervene in the process.

Under the Continuous Delivery approach, you can use your chatbots to notify your customers about the performance of your operation in real time. Likewise, you can modify the flows up to 30 times and have a backup of the changes.

Advantages of using Bots and Artificial Intelligence

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