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What does it mean to be a wolkvox partner?

At wolkvox we have multiple technological solutions that allow you to offer Contact Center in the cloud, CRM and back-office services with the highest standards of quality, availability and effectiveness. When you become a partner, we offer you the capacity to distribute and sell licensing so that we can jointly address the growing Contact Center and BPO market.

By being one of the authorized distributors of our solutions, you can access a whole suite of cloud technology which will help meet the needs of your customers. It is our commitment to accompany you in the closing of the negotiations and in the implementation of our solutions, so that you provide the best benefits and a memorable experience to your clients.


The best benefits from your negotiations

You set your own pace when interacting with your customers and start making profits from your first closed deal.

A network of marketing strategies at your service

We provide you with digital tools and experts in the field to promote the growth of your business opportunities.

Google Ads and other benefits from leads to accelerate growth

We have an integral digital strategy for you to obtain new opportunities.

Partner Marketing Team

We help you build marketing strategies that realize the benefits of using wolkvox.

Stake in strategic events

As a partner, you will accompany us to the events where there are perfect business opportunities for you.

Immerse yourself in the challenge of constant learning

At wolkvox you will never stop learning about the business and its constant transformations. You will have a team to gain knowledge and experience and, at the same time, you will grow professionally.

Continuous accompaniment of the commercial and technical team

You have a team of experts at your service with simple and agile models of support, implementation and methodologies, according to your requirements.

Permanent training

As long as you are part of the wolkvox team you will learn at all times while gaining experience.


When you meet the required figures and goals, you can become a certified partner.

You are 100% autonomous to manage your business processes

We trust your abilities and we put at your disposal technological tools that help you enhance them to achieve success in each of your objectives.


Manage your own clients

We trust your abilities and autonomy, so you will be at the helm of all your negotiations.


Your own demo account

You can create a module to carry out your test environment and commercial presentations on omnichannel, CRM and other products.


Autonomy when creating operations anywhere in the world

Our operations are located in Google data centers, so geographical limits are not an obstacle for your business.


Self-management and self-provisioning tools

We have a portal specially created for partner processes in terms of implementation and quotes.


If you want to join our partners team, please fill out the form. ¡We will contact you soon!

Wolkvox is a solution for contact center that allows you to provide the best experience to all the people involved in your operation CX + EX
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