wolkvox CRM

Manage your customer relationships from a single platform in a personalized, secure, intuitive and flexible manner using wolkvox CRM.

Give the greatest experience to your customers with wolkvox CRM

wolkvox CRM enables customized, secure, intuitive, flexible and rapidly implemented management and automation of customer relationships using a single cloud platform under a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. 

Use the omnichannel experience to unify customer information in real time. Native integration between wolkvox CRM and wolkvox Manager enables managing detailed information on each of your customers both during and after the interaction.

How does it work?

With wolkvox CRM, you can manage your customer relationships in PQRS assistance from the case module. This allows you to monitor the sales process using the potential customer, business and forecast modules, helping you control required activities with reminders.

Advantages of using wolkvox CRM

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