Financial Services

Provide a simple, fast, reliable and secure service to your customers in the financial sector with wolkvox.

Robust solutions for banking

If your contact center is focused on lending, investment or insurance processes, you have the option of having a dedicated infrastructure, which allows you to apply extreme levels of security so as not to compromise your information. In addition, you enjoy benefits such as flexibility in modifications, instant updates, greater traffic absorption, among others.

It has the highest safety standards

We know the importance of security in the financial sector, so it is important to point out that we have ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS and AICPA SOC 3 certifications, which not only attest to the quality of our servers but also support their security. 

An incredible Customer Experience through the flows you design.

Your customers want their financial transactions to be agile and secure and you can give them just what they need by building dynamic flows that integrate their favorite customer service channels through the use of AI components such as ASR, NPL, AMD, TTS and more. 

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