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Voice of the Customer (VoC)

VOC Analytics

Utilize Artificial Intelligence to understand how your customers perceive your company through the customer service processes.

The voice of the customer reveals the key insights to continuously refine your omnichannel strategies.

The Voice of the Customer (VoC) is an increasingly popular term when it comes to understanding what customers say about their experience with companies when purchasing their products or services.

At Wolkvox, we have developed a set of solutions that will help you automatically understand your customers using Artificial Intelligence. Our functionalities allow you to identify and analyze sentiments during voice and chat interactions, generate automatic summaries, and create tags with the most relevant terms from the conversation, whether it’s a call or a chat, to ensure service quality.

Furthermore, in real-time, it can guide the conversation based on the customer’s needs and make the most accurate decisions to successfully conclude the service process.

How does it work?

To use features like Speech & Text Analytics or Intelligent Surveys, which provide customer experience analysis, special workflows need to be configured, such as CRM + Webhook + Cron + VOC Analytics.

These types of interaction flows or routes are designed for process integration. Once your interactions are completed, you can add other functions, such as AutoQA, to deliver the analysis results via email, for example.

Your company is unique and your customers have diverse needs, which is why configuring the VOC Analytics features is a fully customized process.

Analyze the experience of your customers in voice interactions with Speech Analytics.

Speech Analytics has the capability to transcribe voice to text and perform sentiment analysis on voice interactions based on phrases, words, or conversation patterns.

Obtain analysis of your chat interactions with Text Analytics.

Text Analytics is responsible for analyzing chat interactions, such as conversations in WhatsApp, using custom categories and terms.

Why use VOC Analytics?

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