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Provide the best service and experience to your customers by motivating your advisors.

Challenge your advisors to deliver the best customer experiences

Gamification refers to a series of tools with which you can inspire, engage and motivate your agents to increasingly improve their key performance indicators.

How does it work?

From wolkvox Manager, your agents can customize their avatar, assigning it a gender, face, eyes, hair, and clothing. In addition, they themselves can identify where they stand relative to the performance of other agents on predetermined leaderboards and motivate themselves to improve based on their performance.

The Gamification system rates the performance of your advisors according to their managed calls, hits, AHT, ACW and occupation. This supposes a couple of advantages that you only have in wolkvox, since as an administrator you can access this performance analysis every day and every month, while as an agent you acquire knowledge about each indicator and are aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Why use Gamification?

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