Text To Speech (TTS)

Customize the synthetic voice of Text to Speech (TTS) and make your interactions more human.

Find the voice of your company

The Text to Speech component makes it easy to read digital text into speech, letting you customize things such as gender, accent, and language by choosing from over 350 default voices available for IVR on the platform. In addition, you can request the training of a personalized voice in case none of these suit the identity of your company.

Customize the TTS component

You must define the written message that you will pass from Text to Speech to voice. Once you do, the next thing is to customize it and predetermine the language, accent and gender preferences which are more in line with the identity of your company.

This is how you can create your TTS voice

  • Pick a speaker.
  • Sets the TTS voice quality: Standard (2,000 phrases) or High Quality (6,000 phrases).
  • Quickly and efficiently record your phrases using our software.
  • Send the information with the corresponding structure.
  • Train the voice to parameterize the rules for combining vowels and consonants.

Know the advantages of using TTS

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