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Customize Text To Speech (TTS) synthesized voice.

Humanize your automatic processes

With Text To Speech (TTS) you can customize the synthesized voice that turns your written text into audio using the Text To Speech feature. This feature allows you to find your brand’s voice by customizing language, accent and gender to give your company an identity and make IVR services more accessible.

How does it work?

To customize your TTS voice, you must precisely define the written message to be converted from Text To Speech to speech. Having done this, you must then customize and predetermine the language, accent and gender preferences most in line with your corporate identity. 

Follow these steps to custom your TTS

  • Choose a speaker. 
  • Define TTS voice quality: Standard (2,000 phrases) or High Quality (6,000 phrases). 
  • Quickly and efficiently record the sentences using our software.
  • Submit the information with the corresponding structure.
  • Train the voice to parameterize vowel and consonant combination rules.

Advantages of using TTS

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