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Bot QAi

Utilize an intelligent bot to automatically ensure the quality of your customer service processes and establish continuous improvement plans.

An AI-powered bot for conducting automatic quality analysis.

QAi Bot seamlessly integrates the functionalities of Speech & Text Analytics to enhance in-depth analysis of information gathered from customer interactions, whether through voice or chat.

Our solution leverages Artificial Intelligence engines to generate automatic analyses that provide specific insights based on predefined quality parameters and matrices. These configurations can be tailored to meet your business needs and compliance indicators for customer service processes.

How does it work?

To start using QAi Bot, you need to configure a quality matrix specifying which categories and attributes you want to analyze. Then, you should begin the setup of the intelligent bot, which will become your right-hand assistant. Additionally, you must provide the machine with key questions to be resolved once the interaction with the customer is completed.

This is how QAi Bot helps you identify whether the advisor handling the interaction acted in line with the established procedure for managing customer service processes. And all of this happens automatically!

Why start using QAiBot?

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