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Contact Center Software

Omnichannel Platform

Improve your customer experience by integrating omnichannel services as simply as possible

Find it all in one platform

With wolkvox, optimize your customer experience by integrating all the channels in your contact center and allowing your agents to perform all interactions from a unified dashboard.

How does it work?

It integrates all your operation’s contact platforms into a single dashboard. wolkvox offers you an omnichannel strategy that includes calls, video calls, social media interactions, chat, messages and even web callback to return customer calls. 

Voice channels

Inbound/Outbound calls

Immediately attend customer interactions with the ease that only voice allows. We offer outbound call integration with by-the-minute use charges to any destination, and an inbound line where you can potentially obtain local numbers for over 70 countries, allowing you to configure a world-class call center.

Video calls

Offer your customers closer support from anywhere in the world with the option to receive video calls via web and mobile pages from Contact Center agents without specialized infrastructure investments. This will allow you to create greater empathy and inclusion amongst all the consumers of your products and services.

Web callback

wolkvox allows you to manage callbacks from the website, using a web form that allows users to enter personal data that are sent to a predictive campaign for immediate contact.

Click to call

Click to call allows you to let your customers choose whether they prefer to be contacted via telephone by clicking on a button or filling out a form with their data. Click to call increases contactability, improves attention, and allows you to gather useful information for your databases. 

Messaging Channels

SMS/Text Messaging

In its beginnings, before smartphone messaging apps, SMS was widely used for personal communications. Now you can continue using it to invite your customers to events, send notices, send alarms, coordinate evacuations, and confirm banking transactions or purchases, among others.

Web chat

Easily and quickly configure chats and chatbots using the omnichannel components of our contact center platform. You can have a single interface to speed up flowchart learning and configuration, allowing you to build the same code for different channels. In other words, you can make changes to all the chats you have configured with a single click, whether it is your website webchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Instagram Direct, Line or Telegram. 

Social Media Channels

Facebook Page

Automatically manage posts and comments made on your Facebook Page.

Instagram Feed

Respond to comments on your images using an Artificial Intelligence engine.

Twitter Feed

Automatically receive and respond to mentions made in your tweets, using attention flows configured by you. 


Massively receive and manage emails using automation systems.

Advantages of using Omnichannel

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Wolkvox is a solution for contact center that allows you to provide the best experience to all the people involved in your operation CX + EX
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