Quality Analyzer

Discover and analyze operational quality levels with Quality Analyzer.

Configure the quality parameters of your operation

Quality Analyzer helps you manage your operation’s quality assurance for accurate, first-time compliance.  This feature allows you to define what actions are considered critical and non-critical errors, according to your company’s characteristics, and relate them to the client, the business or the fulfillment of objectives. This allows you to analyze and define actions for improvement.

How does it work?

Once you activate this functionality in wolkvox Manager, you must configure the following three aspects: Codes to monitor, quality matrix, and quality attributes.

Monitoring codes

Determine priority typification codes within the random call sample and the percentage to be rated to complete 100% of the sample.

Quality matrix

Configure considering the error category, attribute, type, and percentage of importance. 

Quality attributes

Configures different quality matrices and, according to the operation, determines what points can be considered critical (entire transaction defective) and non-critical errors.

Advantages of using Quality Analyzer

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