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Quality Analyzer

Discover and analyze the quality levels of your operation with Quality Analyzer.

Configure the quality parameters of your operation

Quality Analyzer is our quality module par excellence. It was created based on the COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center) Standards, which set the models and best practices for providing services from Contact Centers. This functionality is completely free and is available to all our customers.

How does it work?

With Quality Analyzer you can randomly select the calls that your advisors have managed to be reviewed by your Quality Analyst. It is also possible to create quality matrices to configure different call qualification indicators, identify shortcomings and optimize processes.

This functionality helps you manage the quality assurance of your operation to fulfill it with precision from the first attempt. With our functionality you can establish which actions are considered critical and non-critical errors, depending on the characteristics of your company, and relate them to the client, the business or the fulfillment of objectives. In this manner, you analyze and establish improvement actions.

Advantages of using Quality analyzer

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