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Agent Scripting

Guide the discourse of your advisors during key moments for each client negotiation

Improve your service model with Agent Scripting

It is a routing flow that works as a guide for advisors in a Contact Center. The functionality puts at their fingertips a detailed script of the speech with which they must interact with customers and gives them access to user information online, which they can also modify in real time.

Improve the discourse of your advisors in each interaction

The Digital Contract component can be included in the script, which, through the application of voice recognition systems, automates and processes the dialogue of a call, converting it into text to facilitate and verify fulfillment of the negotiation of an agreement, without the need to have a physical contractual clause.

This functionality also allows information to be shared with the customer during an interaction via WhatsApp, SMS or email. In addition, with Agent Scripting you can parameterize integrations to capture or send information about your services and generate web forms to obtain information from your customers.

Under the Continuous Delivery approach, you can use Agent Scripting to notify your customers about your operation in real time. Likewise, you can modify it up to 30 times and have a backup of the changes.

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