Multichannel Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Increase the productivity and occupation of your advisors with our omnichannel predictive dialer.

With our Predictive Dialing solution, you can increase the occupation and productivity of your agents while increasing the contactability of your databases. This functionality has the ability to make calls before an agent is released, so that when they are ending a call, they receive another one immediately.

We have the most advanced dialing algorithms which is why our Predictive Dialer can dial at speeds of 10x. For example, if you have 50 agents, this functionality will make up to 500 simultaneous calls.

Simplify your automatic dialing processes

With this type of dialing, you can easily configure telephone interactions with multiple attempts and make smart integrations with SMS, Email and Virtual Agent.

It also has options for database filters, blacklists or DNC (Do Not Call) and all the reports of the contact attempts in each of the channels. You just have to enter the Campaigns Module, define your omnichannel strategy and load your databases.

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Why use Predictive Dialer?

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