Multichannel Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Increase the productivity and occupancy of your operations with our omnichannel predictive dialer.

Configure your calls with our Predictive Dialer

Our predictive dialer allows you to configure both your predictive and your progressive, preview and manual dialing. Our automatic mode provides the best predictive dialing algorithm, enabling up to 10 simultaneous calls per connected agent. This allows you to increase agent occupancy and productivity.

Predictive Dialer

Using this type of automatic dialing through our platform allows you to calculate the volume of calls required to achieve maximum productivity. This dialer is ideal for campaigns with more than 15 simultaneous agents.

Progressive Dialer

With this type of automatic dialing, calls are dialed automatically without agent intervention. This dialer can be when running telesales, telemarketing and other campaigns that require negotiations and where abandonment levels are very important. We also recommend it for campaigns with less than 15 agents.

Preview Dialer

With this type of dialing, your agents decide when they will make the call and the data shows up on their screen in advance. This is the least productive system of the three dialing types and requires a lot of coordinator or supervisor follow-up.

How does it work?

The wolkvox predictive dialer uses the best dialing algorithms to help you improve customer contactability, increasing agent occupancy and productivity. You can easily configure telephone interactions with multiple attempts and intelligent integration with SMS, Email and Virtual Agent. 

It also has options for database filters, do-not-call lists, and reports for all contact attempts over each channel. Simply access the campaign module, define your omnichannel strategy and load your databases.

Learn more about our predictive dialing methods


This dialing method allows you to move vertically through records and customers in your databases.


This dialing method allows you to generate call, SMS, email and virtual agent strategies, configuring the time between interactions, the contact channel and customizable templates.


With autopilot dialing, you can automatically schedule contact redialing according to call results, ensuring that each contact is dialed at least once.

Advantages of using the Predictive Dialer

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