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Convert your debtors' portfolios into income productively through our solution without affecting the customer experience or incurring in operating cost overruns.

Optimize your outbound strategies with Predictive Dialer

Increase the contactability of your customers with the best predictive dialing algorithm which allows you to make up to 10 simultaneous calls for each connected agent, increasing their occupancy and productivity. In addition, you can easily set up phone interactions with multiple attempts and smart integrations by sending SMS, email and transfers to a virtual agent or an advisor. This functionality also has options for database filters, blacklists or DNC (Do Not Call) and a whole set of reports on contact attempts in each of your service channels.

Choose the best time to contact your customers with Smart Dialer

Our Intelligent Dialing functionality has dialing algorithms that by parameterizing call attempts, ring times and by using Big Data technologies, allows you to know the time and number of greatest contactability of each debtor, as well as apply filters in your databases, all in order to improve your levels of contactability. All this, configurable in a simple and agile way.

Enjoy the benefits of native integration with the Collections Module in our CRM

wolkvox CRM has an approach that makes it unique: the Collections Module. From this module you can manage the obligations of your clients at an omnichannel level, keep track of the progress of their processes as debtors and record any new developments that may arise. The Collections Module This module puts at your fingertips all the tools you need to manage your collection processes easily and quickly. In addition, the processes you carry out from wolkvox Manager will be automatically reflected in this module and vice versa.

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Wolkvox is a solution for contact center that allows you to provide the best experience to all the people involved in your operation CX + EX
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