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APIs Reports Manager

1. Chats En

URL: https://wv{{wolkvox_server}}.wolkvox.com/api/v2/reports_manager.php?api=chat_1&date_ini={{YYYYmmddHHiiss}}&date_end={{YYYYmmddHHiiss}} Description: This report allows to know in depth the management of the chat channels attended by human agents, detailing the details of the chat (chat ID, date, duration, coding, skill and channel), of the customer (ID, name, email, phone, characters sent), the agent (ID, name, characters sent) and efficiency meters (ASA and Last Participant). Benefit: Provides a complete view of the nonautomated chat interaction between customer and advisor. How it works:
  • This API is consumed by GET method.
  • To consume this API you must replace in the url {ip_ipdialbox} for the nomenclature of the operation server and the {token} generated from wolkvox Manager to obtain the information securely.
  • Keep in mind that the same token cannot be consumed simultaneously, so you can program that the next API is consumed when the result of the previous one is successful.
  • In terms of time, to track your operation you can make a consumption every 5 minutes of the information.
api Type of report required String
date_ini Initial Date (YYYYmmddHHiiss) String
date_end Final Date (YYYYmmddHHiiss) String
agent_dni Agent’s ID String
conn_id Corresponds to the chat identification number. String
channel Refers to the channel used in the interaction. String
date Indicates the date with yearmonthdayhour format. String
customer_name Customer name. String
customer_email It is the customer‘s email. String
customer_phone It is the customer‘s phone. String
customer_chars Indicates the numerical amount of characters typed by the customer. String
agent_id Refers to the numerical identification of each of the Wolkvox Agents. String
agent_name Agent name. String
agent_chars Indicates the numerical amount of characters typed by the agent String
time_on_agent Indicates the time the agent used in the attention. String
chat_duration Indicates interaction duration in seconds. String
cod_act It is the ID of the typification or coding used by the agent. String
description_cod_act Indicates the description of the typification code. String
comments Comment type text of the interaction. String
customer_id Corresponds to the identification number of the customer. String
skill_id It is the numerical identification of the skill group. String
ASA The time that passes from when the chat is initiated by the customer and answered by the advisor. String
last_participant_who_spoke Indicates the last participant who interacted. String
extra_field Additional field to save information. String
comment Comment type text of the interaction. String
user_id User identification. String
feeling Recognized feeling. String
agent_anwers Number of times the agent writes to the customer. String
Posibles códigos de respuesta
					$curl = curl_init();

curl_setopt_array($curl, array(
  CURLOPT_URL =&gt; 'https://wv{{wolkvox_server}}.wolkvox.com/api/v2/reports_manager.php?api=chat_1&amp;date_ini={{YYYYmmddHHiiss}}&amp;date_end={{YYYYmmddHHiiss}}',
    'wolkvox-token: {{token}}'

$response = curl_exec($curl);

echo $response;


    "code": 200,
    "error": null,
    "msg": "1 records were found",
    "data": [
            "conn_id": "",
            "channel": "",
            "date": "",
            "customer_name": "",
            "customer_email": "",
            "customer_phone": "",
            "customer_chars": "",
            "agent_id": "",
            "agent_name": "",
            "agent_chars": "",
            "time_on_agent": "",
            "chat_duration": "",
            "cod_act": "",
            "description_cod_act": "",
            "comments": "test",
            "customer_id": "",
            "skill_id": "",
            "ASA": "",
            "last_participant_who_spoke": "",
            "extra_field": "",
            "comment": "",
            "user_id": "",
            "feeling": "",
            "agent_anwers ": ""

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