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Guide: Enhance Your Customers' Experience on WhatsApp with a Custom ChatGPT

WhatsApp is the global leading messaging platform, and chatbots are an essential ally for customer service on this channel. But did you know that you can use the most powerful chatbot on the market on this application? Yes, we're talking about ChatGPT.

Discover how you can do it!

In this 100% free ebook, you will learn about the benefits of integrating ChatGPT with WhatsApp. You will also find:s:

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Create a ChatGPT tailored
to your business

When we say you can have ChatGPT on WhatsApp to handle your customer requests, we mean that you can customize the chatbot using a few tools and turn it into the ideal assistant to satisfy your customers.

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Gestiona llamadas, videollamadas, chat web e interacciones en redes sociales en tu contact center


Manage calls, video calls, web chat and social media interactions from a single platform.

Personalizar bots inteligentes para gestionar las solicitudes de clientes en contact center


Create intelligent bots to self-manage requests and configure agent overflow to create an incredible CX.

Plataforma innovadora para contact center con gasto variable según operación


Variable expense adjusted to the fluctuation of the operation and automatic updates of new functionalities at no cost.

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What I like most is its ease of adaptation, development and support, as well as its ease of use. It is an intuitive and complete tool. For many years I have been familiar with the development of Wolkvox as an omnichannel communication tool, which has served the institutions for which I have implemented it, as a tool to improve interactions with customers, taking the experience to another level.
Total Vision Experience Coordinator
The software has a multitude of connectors, which allows it to be a true omnichannel solution for customer service. Overall the experience has been very positive, the platform is quite intuitive, the total implementation of the solution can be done in less than 1 week and you pay only and exclusively for the consumptions made. There are no hidden costs.
Juan David Botero
Compucom Project Coordinator
Very good platform, complete and easy to configure. wolkvox Studio is spectacular, it modifies online, in real time and is very dynamic.
Contact Center Manager at Fuxion

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