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AI & Automatization


Easily automate your company's internal processes using wolkvox RPA.

wolkvox RPA puts Artificial Intelligence at the service of your organization

wolkvox RPA puts artificial intelligence at the service of your organization. Our solution allows you to intelligently automate digital RPA (Robotic Process Automation) processes from start to finish through software bots, making decisions that previously only a human could make, quickly, safely, efficiently and usefully.

RPA is focused on creating your company’s digital workforce to perform functions in the back office, front office, virtual agents, office tasks, and other actions that generate direct benefits.

How does it work?

wolkvox RPA allows you to build flows to automate intelligent solutions easily and intuitively within a graphical environment. By creating user groups, roles, and features, you can assign automations required by your organization, which you can analyze based on productivity reports. Our functionality also allows you to configure business reports.

Advantages of using RPA

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