IP Telephony

SIP Trunks

Make simultaneous, unlimited calls using SIP Trunks.

Don't limit yourself! Simultaneously call as many clients as you need

SIP trunks are telephone lines that work over IP using the Session Initiation Protocol, a method that guarantees unlimited simultaneous phone calls over the public telephone network, according to your company’s needs. 

How does it work?

An SIP trunk acts as a conventional telephone trunk, but on the Internet, i.e., it operates as a link between the public telephone network and your Internet telephony service provider. It allows you to make the number of synchronous calls your contact center requires.

You can configure these lines as you wish using wolkvox Manager: add a name, add a username and password, a corresponding IP, a voice codec and even assign a limit for simultaneous calls, if you wish.

Advantages of using SIP Trunks

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