Dashboards and Reports

Get historical productivity indicators in real time and achieve the highest quality standards in your operations.

Understand what happens in your Contact Center

Dashboards and Reports provides you with multiple views of real-time reports and over 50 historical reports so you can effectively track your operations with accurate data on their performance and based on COPC best practices.

These features help you understand what’s happening in your contact center through consolidated reports that offer a global view of your operations and detailed reports that zoom in on key elements.

How does it work?

The Dashboards and Reports feature in wolkvox Manager provides you with significant and objective data agent productivity, levels of service, details of interactions, and operational quality, among others.

Reports classification


Evaluate individual agent productivity by campaign or skill.

Skills and services

Check your operation’s service and assistance levels.


Identify agent consumption patterns and interaction details.


Better understand your operation with descriptions of interactions.

Diagram Report

Track your self-management systems.


Evaluate your service model according to parameters specific to your operation.


Analyze the performance of your operation’s campaigns.

Interactions and chats

 Learn the details of the digital channels managed by your agents.

Advantages of using Dashboards and Reports

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