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Data Monitor

Monitor, supervise and control your operation with Data Monitor.

Make a detailed follow-up of your operation

With Data Monitor, track, oversee and control your operations by monitoring call processes, quality assurance, Speech Analytics and chat interactions to perform short-term evaluations of ongoing activities with knowledge of the details of each operation.

How does it work?

Data Monitor has extensive classification to help you track, monitor and control your operations by monitoring your processes.


Access the details of calls made in wolkvox Manager and listen to the audio, export or copy the call information.

IS Mailbox Survey

View detailed survey logs by agent and skill to hear your customers’ voice.

Quality Assurance

Identify the percentage of critical errors in each interaction to follow up a specific agent or the operation overall. 

Speech Analytics

Considering configured categories and keywords, analyze the content of interactions for service policy compliance.

Interactions and Chats

Track and evaluate the content of interactions over different channels, including email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Track and evaluate the content of interactions over instant messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Telegram or Line. 

Advantages of using Data Monitor

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