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TCPA Compliance

Protect your customers' rights by configuring your omnichannel contact attempts with TCPA Compliance.

Set limits for your contact channels and respect the rights of your customers

The TCPA Compliance is an agreement based on the Telephone Consumer Protection Law, which establishes a control over the number of times that companies can try to contact a person to offer their products or services through different channels, and thus protect their rights as a consumer. 

In wolkvox we have a functionality in which  you can automate the limit of contact attempts for each of the channels that are part of your operation. 

How does it work?

Establish control over your contact attempts by phone, SMS, emails and WhatsApp by configuring TCPA Compliance functionality. In the phone channel you must establish the number of attempts and calls answered; in SMS, the number of text messages; in emails, the number of emails and in WhatsApp the number of messages. In addition, if any of your campaigns or strategies overpass these limits, your agents will be alerted. 

Advantages of using TCPA Compliance

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