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Real Time and Historical Reports

Access all the details about your omnichannel interactions in seconds during and after contact.

Reports on each of your interactions are always available

See real-time information about features like Speech Analytics, Gamification, Chats and Interactions, Campaigns, Routing Flows, Skills and Agents to improve the management of processes, workloads and the efficiency of your strategies.

Get to know our main report categories

Speech Analytics

You can identify keywords in an interaction, both by advisors and by your clients. We use statistical graphs such as ‘Word Cloud’ so you can identify which are the most used terms.


Allows you to consult the management of each agent in accordance with the goals that you have established among the group of advisors that are part of your operation.

Chats and Interactions

With this set of reports, you can view each of the details of the number of interactions by agents and by channel.


You have the possibility to consult the number of registries, pending calls to dial and those that are being dialed at the moment, the total of each type of results for dialing attempts (Answer, No answer, Busy, Congestion, Answer Machine, Abandon) and penetration percentage and coding graphs.

Routing flows

You can identify the number of interactions per channel.


You have access to service level, abandon rate, response rate, queue calls, and inbound and outbound interactions.


In this report you can see the number of calls and if they were outbound or inbound, the logging time, time by status, percentage of occupation and execute monitoring, coaching and conference actions.

Historical reports

At wolkvox we have more than 70 historical reports with which you can operate a world-class Contact Center by consulting details about the main functionalities of the platform, filtering by date and/or product whenever needed.

Advantages of having real-time and historical reports

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