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Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Incorporate NLP into your flows and better understand the needs of your customers.

Use Artificial Intelligence to understand your customers

We process natural language through Artificial Intelligence algorithms which allow you to provide the best Customer Experience by deeply understanding their needs and making your automated processes more human.

With our Intentions component in wolkvox Studio you can process the expressions used by your clients in their requests in order to segment them according to the stated need. You can also do this process by integrating with Dialogflow.

Other components of this type are GPT3, Question & Answer and Classification, which allow us to create highly customized agents with specific and general contexts on which they can be constantly trained to solve user requirements as well as to identify possible solution scenarios.

Combining the Intentions component and others mentioned above, you can build agents for voice, chat or other types of interactions capable of:

Solving multiple concerns in seconds and generating high customer satisfaction

Thanks to the use of billions of parameters and words, the limits to manage requests lessen. They can be from the simplest to the most complex.

Adapting to any context

All you have to do is create a defined profile for your virtual agents, which the AI will adopt to shape the best responses and solutions to user requirements.

Understanding different formats

Our bots can convert speech to text and text to speech as well as analyze sentiments and images to find the best solutions to the requests you receive in all your service channels.

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