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Maximize Productivity and Efficiency in your Contact Center with our Predictive Dialer

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Increase Contactability and Optimize Agent Performance

The Predictive Dialer is the solution that will revolutionize your Contact Center. Improve the productivity and occupation rate of your advisors while boosting the contactability of your databases. With our advanced technology, your agents will receive calls right after finishing one, ensuring uninterrupted communication with your potential customers.

Why should you apply the Predictive Dialer to your company?

Improve operational efficiency

Optimize ring, dead, and idle times, ensuring your agents are always in productive calls. Your Contact Center’s efficiency will reach new heights, saving valuable time and resources.

Enhance agent productivity

Increasing agent occupancy and productivity with AI-powered Dialer and, also, boost contactability with advanced dialing algorithms achieving 10x, 12x, 15x speed.

Omnichannel integration

Connect with your customers through different channels of communication, increasing contactability, and enhancing the customer experience. A comprehensive approach to effective communication.

Advanced personalization

Create strategies tailored to each phone number, customize your email and SMS templates, and enable auxiliary calls for effective and personalized communication.

Big data and intelligent filtering

Utilize a Big Data system to filter your databases’ information and automatically optimize your operations. Make informed decisions based on accurate data.

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