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Wolkvox GDPR Compliance

Explore this article to learn how Wolkvox addresses the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what your company should consider regarding Wolkvox's GDPR implementation. Get the full view of how Wolkvox as a leading contact center technology solutions platform guarantees regulatory compliance and data protection.

Wolkvox is GDPR compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a significant change in data privacy regulation. Wolkvox invested a substantial amount of time in GDPR training for the IT Security team.

GDPR Certification

There is no GDPR certification for a cloud service provider like Wolkvox. However, Wolkvox has been through multiple independent reviews of our administrative, physical and technical controls for other data protection regulations, including: ISO 27001: 2013.

Wolkvox supports GDPR compliance

In Wolkvox’s role as a data processor, Wolkvox has taken steps to comply with the requirements of the regulations.

The GDPR requires in Article 28 that data controllers “shall only use processors that provide sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures.” Wolkvox has implemented these measures. Our subject-matter experts can discuss them with you. For more information, contact [email protected]

Where does Wolkvox support GDPR compliance?

Wolkvox supports GDPR compliance in the Google Cloud Platform zones covering the European Economic Area.

Do I have to enable GDPR compliance?

To include GDPR in your operation, you should contact the sales representative in charge of your account.

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