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Monitor your team's productivity and prevent threats with Horus

Track the productivity of your teams

This is a configurable application that allows you to monitor your employees’ productivity both locally and remotely and prevent internal threats, such as data theft or loss, through alerts. This tool generates employee performance reports, customizing productive and non-productive applications, or providing details of the work done by your company’s different areas.

How does it work?

Every day, Horus monitors the number of computers online, the percentage of productive applications used by employees, the average number of keys per minute, and the time in seconds invested per application in real time. Additionally, it uses graphs to show application usage percentages per day and provides a Top 10 list of the most frequently used apps.

This feature allows you to configure and manage alerts according to applications, windows, and keywords that represent risk for your company and are being used by your employees. 

Horus generates 10 reports allowing you to identify application use and employee productivity globally, by groups or individually, considering elements like the working day and productive and unproductive applications.

Advantages of using Horus

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