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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Design interactive customer experiences with our Speech Recognition (ASR) functionality.

Make your voice interactions more effective with ASR

ASR technology (Automatic Speech Recognition) allows you to interact with IVRs, virtual agents, among other computer systems, by voice, avoiding pressing DTMF tones in menus with multiple options that are difficult to remember.

When you integrate ASR with other cognitive components like Dialog Flow and Intent, you can design more interactive customer experiences with options to automate contextual responses in two-way conversations.

How does it work?

Our ASR functionality uses the latest technology in speech recognition engines to transcribe into text. You can configure the language and make decisions based on the percentage of accuracy of the analysis. With this functionality it is also possible to differentiate the voices of the customer and the agent in a call, both visually and auditorily.

Why use ASR?

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