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Unleash the power of
Predictive Dialer and
Multichannel Strategies
for outbound success

Are you ready to unleash the true potential of your outbound campaigns?

Discover Wolkvox’s advanced Predictive Dialer and innovative multichannel solutions, designed to enhance your outbound campaigns. Experience the efficiency of predictive dialing, the versatility of progressive dialing, and the personalization of preview dialing.

Optimize your contact center campaigns with Progressive Dialer solutions and elevate results and amplify performance

Unlock the Potential of Predictive Dialer
and Multichannel Strategies.

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What our customers say

" Where user-friendly design meets cutting-edge innovation. "
"My experience has been very positive. The easy-to-use user interface, coupled with a robust feature set, makes it a standout choice. Constant and rapid innovation keeps the software up to date with valuable new features, AI everywhere, automatic quality analyzer with AI, the powerful and versatile multichannel predictive dialer, Mr Wizard, all the features to use WhatsApp, the easy way to automate processes and much more. Wolkvox's performance is reliable and efficient, and is complemented by highly effective customer service."
“Optimization and technological adoption with Wolkvox "
“Wolkvox is a company that has been working with us for a little more than 3 years, where it has been a key and strategic ally to face the new post-COVID-19 reality. Providing us with accessible and easy to use technological tools, with the objective of making our service better every day, all this without leaving aside the process and after-sales support, which has been more than outstanding during all this time. Support, help desk, sales executives and in short all Wolkvox are always attentive to the needs and willing to help."
Data and Analytics Manager
" A powerful emerging platform "
“It is an agile supplier, committed to meet the requirements requested by our users. A modular product, which allows us to have functionalities with fair use. Wolkvox allows my business to create internal/operational efficiencies, manage costs and improve business process Agility and improve business process agility."
IT Manager
" Our company is different after Wolkvox, the tool is very powerful and user friendly. "
“Wolkvox has improved our productivity by 80%. Ease, adaptability and cloud-based. The predictive dialing system is wonderful, we were looking for the best predictive system and we found it in Wolkvox, business process results have improved and customer relations/service are better."
"Strategic partner for contact center success, key to scalability and efficiency"
“Wolkvox has transformed my contact center. For many years it has allowed me to manage more than 200 licenses, telephony, IVR, automations, chatbots, omnichannel with WhatsApp and CRM, all powered by AI. All this translates into time. And money savings, such as creating campaigns, which before without Wolkvox took more than 3 days, now with Wolkvox we do it in real time in just a few minutes. The API integration to other platforms allows me to connect the contact center with other tools and have a complete view of my customers. In addition, the quality of Wolkvox's services is exceptional. The Wolkvox support team is always ready to help and solve any problems I may have."
Digital Channels Manager

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Wolkvox is a solution for contact center that allows you to provide the best experience to all the people involved in your operation CX + EX
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