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Boost Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence and wolkvox

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Use chatbots to automate your service processes

Unify your synchronous channels (Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Line, Telegram, Web Chat) by creating a single chatbot to manage your customer requests omnichannel. 

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Set up chatbots to deliver amazing experiences to your customers, without being a code expert, with wolkvox. 

Set up highly personalized and increasingly human chatbots

Our chatbots have the ability to communicate with your customers using Artificial Intelligence to generate natural conversations and solve their requirements in the first contact. They also allow you to integrate to capture or send information about your services and customers, as well as analyze the feelings of your customers in each interaction and identify texts, faces, objects, and other characteristics from an image.

On the other hand, before ending an interaction, the chatbot can give way to the satisfaction survey and notify automatically, without the need for an advisor to intervene in the process. 

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Gestiona llamadas, videollamadas, chat web e interacciones en redes sociales en tu contact center


Manage calls, video calls, web chat, and social media interactions from a single platform. 

Personalizar bots inteligentes para gestionar las solicitudes de clientes en contact center


Create intelligent bots to self-manage requests and configure overflow to agent to create amazing CX. 

Plataforma innovadora para contact center con gasto variable según operación


Variable expense adjusted to the fluctuation of the operation and automatic updates of new functionalities at no cost.

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wolkvox is a state-of-the-art solution

Hire the most innovative, reliable, easy-to-use and fast-to-implement cloud solution for contact centers on the market, under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Link all your channels
from a single platform

Connect your incoming and outgoing calls to mobiles and landlines, link your video calls and interactions to Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can manage your web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram and SMS; as well as configure overflows from web forms all in one place!

An excellent experience

What our customers say

"The product is very easy to use, there is no problem if the administrator is new or old because the tool is very user-friendly. The main feature that I personally like is that it allows us to see live what managers are doing during their workday. There are no complications to expose the functions of the marker because it is not complicated to use.

My experience has been very positive because it has allowed me to optimize my work efficiently. When I need to consult some additional data that helps my work, I get it fast, even if it's from months ago. The internal storage capacity of the platform is excellent, this helps when it comes to personalized follow-up to the cases that require it, in addition to being able to extract information from the reports makes the processes more efficient, which avoids wasting time obtaining this type of data."
Quality Analyst at Peruzzi, Ecuador
"The software has a multitude of connectors, which allow it to be a true omnichannel solution for customer service. In general, the experience has been very positive, the platform is quite intuitive, the total implementation of the solution can be done in less than 1 week and you pay only and exclusively for the consumption made. There are no hidden costs."
Project Coordinator at Compucom
"The definition of dialing strategies through different channels is very easy to implement and allows you to search for the customer by phone, SMS, WhatsApp, email according to the definition of the campaign. The "Autopilot" feature is excellent, because it allows you to define the action immediately in case it sounds busy, doesn't respond or goes to the mailbox, in addition to the number of retries. Another thing that is very good about the software is its constant updating and the release of new versions almost monthly, with improvements in functionalities, reports and bug fixes. wolkvox allows additional actions from the traditional phone channel to attend to email, WhatsApp and social networks such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter, managing them in a similar way to phone calls and generating reports on these interactions and chats."
Manager at Mainatek S.A.S

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Hacemos uso de cookies, si continúas navegando asumiremos que estás de acuerdo. Puede leer más sobre el uso de cookies en nuestras políticas de privacidad y tratamiento de datos personales