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Unleash the Unstoppable Power
of AMD + AI in your Predictive Campaigns

Boosting your Predictive Campaigns with AMD + AI technology

Revolutionize your campaign outcomes by combining wolkvox’s Predictive Dialer with AMD and AI technology. Experience the unstoppable duo that drives unparalleled call center performance.

Increase agent occupancy and productivity with Wolkvox AI powered Dialer and manage omnichannel campaigns with user-friendly filters and reports
Boost contactability in contact center with advanced dialing algorithms achieving 10x, 12x, and 15x speed

Unleash the Unstoppable Power of AMD + AI
in your dialer campaigns.

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What our customers say

"The product is very easy to use, there is no problem if the administrator is new or old because the tool is very friendly. The main feature that I personally like is that it allows us to see live what managers are doing during their workday. There are no complications to expose the functions of the marker because it is not complicated to use.

My experience has been very positive because it has allowed me to optimize my work efficiently. When I need to consult some additional data that helps my work, I get it fast, even if it is from months ago. The internal storage capacity of the platform is excellent, this helps when it comes to personalized follow-up to the cases that require it, in addition to being able to extract information from the reports makes the processes more efficient, which avoids wasting time obtaining this type of data. "
Quality Analyst at Peruzzi, Ecuador
"The software has a multitude of connectors, which allow it to be a true omnichannel solution for customer service. In general the experience has been very positive, the platform is quite intuitive, the total implementation of the solution can be done in less than 1 week and you pay only and exclusively for the consumptions made. There are no hidden costs."
Project Coordinator at Compucom
"The definition of dialing strategies through different channels is very easy to implement and allows you to search for the customer by phone, SMS, WhatsApp, email according to the definition of the campaign. The functionality called "Autopilot" is excellent, because it allows you to define the action immediately in case it sounds busy, does not respond or goes to the mailbox, in addition to the number of retries. Another thing that is very good about the software is its constant updating and the release of new versions almost monthly, with improvements in functionalities, reports and bug fixes. wolkvox allows additional actions of the traditional phone channel to attend email, WhatsApp and social networks such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter, managing them in a similar way to phone calls and generating reports on these interactions and chats."
Mainatek S.A.S Manager
"I highlight the capacity and speed of innovation that the Wolkovox team has to adapt to the new needs of customers and markets. It is the best cost-benefit option in the market framed in a concept of flexibility and consumption charge. A complete experience, in permanent innovation, facial to use and easy to buy".
Field Sales Representative en Google
"It is an economical and easy-to-use platform that easily integrates with the different needs of the call center, BPO and our customers. They are fast and at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge technology, making it easy to implement and achieve business objectives. The platform helps us diversify the portfolio of solutions, give a timely response to our allies and have the integrations and facilities to achieve commercial results, both for the company and our allies."
Design and Implementation Manager at Contento BPO
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