AI & Automatization


Guide your customers through every call with 100% customized and automated IVRs using Artificial Intelligence.

Design custom IVRs with wolkvox Studio

Our platform allows you to design automated voice menus to identify, segment and guide your customers through an omnichannel routing system, where your end users can manage their own assistance and access specific information without depending on the availability of a human agent. This allows you to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

From the wolkvox Studio Voice Routing section, you can design assistance flows for IVRs and Virtual Voice Agents, using different categories.


 Perform indispensable IVR actions.


 Enable intelligent client routing. 


 Improve visual diagram comprehension.


Allow using information from previous calls.


Add components with Artificial Intelligence.


Enable contact with external solutions.

Advantages of using an IVR

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