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Deliver interactive and effective experiences to your customers with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

Design more interactive user experiences

ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) technology allows you to interact with IVRs, virtual agents, among other computer systems, using the voice, avoiding having to press DTMF tones in extensive and hard-to-remember menus.

When you integrate ASR with other cognitive components like Dialog Flow and Intent, this feature allows you to design more interactive customer experiences with contextual response automation options in two-way conversations.

How does it work?

By capturing the voice in a configured time period, ASR processes the voice signal issued by a customer, recognizes the information contained therein, and converts it into text for the system to analyze. In the case of IVR, ASR, you can determine how to route your customers according to their needs.

It is important that you choose the language and region correctly from the options available on our platform.

Advantages of using ASR

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