IP Telephony

Virtual PBX

Communicate with all the members of your company over the most modern Virtual PBX.

Get modern and use online phone lines

A Virtual PBX is a telephone system for companies like yours that use IP communications, so that, instead of connecting your telephone lines using traditional telephone, wiring you can do so via the Internet. 

How does it work?

A Virtual PBX fulfills the same functions of a traditional PBX, which uses landlines and local hardware to connect to a telephone network, with the big difference that it does so using cloud-based software and VoIP. 

This means that VoIP uses your IP addresses to identify extensions and replace physical lines and extension numbers. So, when you connect your company’s local network to the internet, it operates like a telephone line.

You can configure your administrative telephone extensions in wolkvox Manager, allowing you to easily receive and transfer calls to your contact center queues, which are enabled in the same module. 

Advantages of using a Virtual PBX

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