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Call and Screen Recording

Easily and quickly access operational information using Call and Screen Recording.

Call recording

wolkvox Manager provides you with access to all calls made on the platform. This gives you the option to listen, export or copy the audio. Simply enter the call information related to the customer ID, agent ID, date or phone number.

How does it work?

As regards Call Recording, you have access to a whole database of recorded calls which you can search using filters including start or end date, caller ID, agent ID, queue ID, customer ID or phone number.

To play audio or video, export audio, or copy interaction information, right click the record and choose the corresponding option. It should be mentioned that this feature allows choosing playback speeds of 75%, 100%, 150% and 500%

Screen recording

 Screen recording is a feature that allows you to capture – on video – your agents’ computer screen during a call. This gives you control over critical processes that involve handling sensitive customer information. It also allows verifying the procedures carried out by agents using management tools and other processes, where you consider evidence is required.

How does it work?

For Screen Recording, you can select the routing you wish to screen record, either for a certain part or for the entire flow. You can then view the call recording on a player in our platform. This will include a watermark with call information, including the date, time and attending agent ID. 

Advantages of using Call and Screen Recording

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