wolkvox, Phonebox

wolkvox RPA uses artificial intelligence at the service of organizations. Our solution allows companies or organizations to intelligently automate digital RPA (Robotic Process Automation) processes from start to finish through software bots, making decisions that previously could only be made by a human, in a fast, safe, efficient and useful way.

RPA is focused on creating the digital strength of organizations to do part of back office tasks, front office, virtual agents, office tasks, among other actions that generate direct benefits on the company.


wolkvox RPA allows the creation of diagrams to automate intelligent solutions in an easy and intuitive way within a graphical environment, by creating user groups, roles and characteristics assigns the automations required by the organization, which can be analyzed with the productivity reports and parameterize the business reports.

¿Why use a Phonebox?

Check Mark Cost reduction

Check Mark Reports of last 50 calls

Check Mark Intuitive interface

Check Mark Security

Check Mark Resource Optimization

Check Mark Free Agentbox add-on

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