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Easily Manage your operational data with our new Business Intelligence functionality

The wolkvox suite diversifies with the arrival of a new product member: wolkvox BI. If you're looking for a strategy to extract, transform, and analyze the information you collect in your contact center, this new functionality puts all the tools at your fingertips and helps you to achieve it.

Why is it valuable that you manage your company's data correctly? In the last ten years, data has taken on transcendental importance to put ourselves in the shoes of customers and their requirements, and to understand the performance of agents in your contact center in order to improve key performance indicators. Therefore, it is important to have tools that allow us to fully understand operational data 100 % and make the best operational decisions for our business.

With this challenge in mind, we created wolkvox BI, a Business Intelligence functionality that extracts, transforms and analyzes the data of the operations registered and measured in our contact center platform - wolkvox Manager -, putting at your disposal all the information collected in your operation in a condensed, understandable and usable format.

We have designed a 100% user friendly and simple graphics, which easily filter all the information you need from your service channels. Now not only will data analysts or IT users be able to understand and use the data more efficiently, but anyone in your company could interpret it. wolkvox has done 80% of the analytical heavy lifting, enabling a deep analysis of your data so when you have the results in your hands, you will only have to solve the remaining 20% in order to decide the next actions to take based on your operational performance indicators.

With its ability to adapt to the visualization layers of Power BI and Excel Power Pivot, wolkvox BI guarantees a secure and reliable analysis when working hand in hand with two of the most prominent platforms on the market. In addition, enabling this BI functionality in wolkvox Manager doesn’t represent a great investment for your contact center, since pricing is highly competitive and is available to all types of companies: small, medium and large. There are no excuses. What are you waiting for to enable transversal insights to the information in your contact center?

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