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Transform your website into a customer service channel

According to Gartner, the main mistake companies make when building their website is that "Brands make the common mistake of designing their websites to focus on what they want the customer to know, not on what customers want to accomplish." Turning great opportunities to improve the customer experience into a waste of resources.

In order to avoid providing a website that is difficult to navigate, irrelevant, or counterintuitive, it is necessary to review not only the structure, but also the content, design, and customer journey our visitors experience based on the identity and needs of the audience.

How to transform a flat website into a customer service point?
According to the characteristics of each business, a website allows users and customers to research, learn and access the products and services that each company offers. Even the company can leverage the positioning of your website (SEO) to establish direct contact with your customers through tools such as video attention, web call back, click to call and, web chat to interact and build trust with potential and former customers.

With wolkvox integrate different functionalities to your website to make your omnichannel strategy more robust, use the advantages of a platform that reunites multiple channels based on the context of the customer and according to the characteristics of each service choose the most appropriate.

Video Attention
Connect users with agents through video and voice via camera devices such as cell phones, tablets, or computers as part of an omnichannel strategy that generates trust in end users.

Click to call
Giving the customer the option to request to be contacted by phone by clicking on a button or filling out a form increases the user's contact, improves customer service, and helps to collect information for your database.

Web call back
Using a form inserted in a web page allows the customer to request to be contacted by an advisor by providing their contact information to avoid long waiting times on the line and loss of leads. Also, generate an effortless user experience by simply contacting the company.

Chat web
Enable customers to ask questions and get help by exchanging two-way online messages from a web page using a chat window to connect your users with chatbots to solve frequently asked questions and automated tasks or with your agents when necessary.

These tools enhance the user experience by building trust through interactions from the web page, performing visual security filters for critical operations by verifying the customer's identity, enabling a form on web pages to initiate attention with user context, and expanding the channels available for customers to contact them according to their preferences.

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