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wolkvox as a quality ally in the new normality

"Nobody was prepared to send the whole operation to the home office, but in our case the impact has not been drastic, because having a solution like wolkvox, 100% in the cloud, we did not have a technical dependence on a local service", says Sergio Andres Arroyave Rios, Technology and Communications Manager of Contento BPS.

By the way, the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence - IRPA AI - defines RPA as a technology that allows configuring a software (robot) to control and interpret existing applications and process transactions such as manipulating data, triggering responses and establishing communication with other digital systems.


Quality assurance

Quality assurance in the operation has been one of the most important challenges of these days, says Sergio Andres Arroyave Rios, who adds that the situation is very different when you go from having a dedicated structure that allows to execute balances or regular bandwidth, to depend on hundreds of technological realities and details of connection of the agents' home, which can be affected by various reasons far from the operation at headquarters as for example the ISP or power failures.

In this scenario, one of the qualities that differentiate wolkvox from other cloud solutions for contact centers is the recent functionality of network measurement in the middle of the call, which allows measuring the amount of lost packets and jitter, understood as the packet delay variation, that is, the variation in the delay time in milliseconds (ms) between data packets across a network.

Jitter and packet loss meters (ploss) are essential for the operation, not only now during the pandemic with the work at home but in the development of the daily work, explains the Technology and Communications Manager of Contento BPS who adds that "knowing this data from the Agentbox is an important part of the level 1 protocol that was developed to rule out service failures".

Likewise, we have shared with our clients an instruction manual to enable QoS (Quality of Service) in Windows 10 Pro, a tool that allows voice packages, emitted from the PC through the Agentbox, to have priority over the rest of the information that goes out to the Internet with the main objective of avoiding dropped calls.

Home office or back to the office?

In a report DMG Consulting indicates that the most important question that contact centers will ask in postpandemic is whether or not to let agents continue working at home or is it better to bring them back to the office, to this question the consulting firm indicates that 5% will continue working from home with cloud solutions to reduce costs, 30% will allow agents to determine if they feel safe and ready to return, while 60% will bring them back to the office because they depend on on premise solutions.

In this scenario, Contento BPS Technology and Communications Manager adds that "before the pandemic it had never been an option to move the operation to work at home for security and connectivity reasons, among others, but in this situation some customers have requested to negotiate again on a hybrid model because their indicators went up with agents from home, while others request to have them concentrated at headquarters because their performance meters went down".