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What do your operation's reports say between the lines?

Predicting user behavior and prescribing the best possible responses before customer events happen may sound magical and sometimes challenging to materialize, but proper management of Contact Center reporting data allows for a detailed customer, market, and operational insight to extract valuable information directly related to productivity.

Data and analytics are becoming reliable analysis tools to extract meaningful and objective information from customer service operations. It allows leveraging data to control, predict, and anticipate brand users' behavior. According to Deloitte's report on the trends of the micro forces of technology between 2021 and 2025, information analysis is one of the components that will change the most in the next five years.

What should we evaluate agent productivity?

In addition to verifying that agents are connected and available, measuring First Contact Resolution capacity makes it possible to evaluate the consultants' gap or learning curve through the transfer and conference report. This report also allows us to know the areas that require more significant support from allied teams to establish a relationship between the achievement obtained and the resources used to do so.

Identifying the average management time through the following metrics: ASA (Average Speed Answer), AHT (Average Handle Time), and ACW (After Call Work) allows us to identify whether the number of consultants available per time slot is sufficient.

Is the operation efficient?

The service level, which determines the percentage of calls that calls must answer in a given time; plus, the abandonment rate, which is calculated as the percentage of calls that an agent did not answer; and the appropriate calculation of the workforce required to ensure the level of service are the leading indicators to determine whether the operation is efficient.

It should be noted that service level reports can be generated from wolkvox Manager by day, hour, 30 minutes, or 10 minutes to track the operation in detail and find the exact moment in which it was affected, and thus make decisions to maintain the service at optimal levels.

Why do customers contact me?

The monitoring of typing codes allows a better understanding of the operation by clearly indicating why the customer contacts a company. Allows interpreting this data makes it possible to identify what type of queries are more frequent and anticipate better responses or establish protocols for action to recurring situations.

The typing codes are fully customizable from wolkvox to adapt to any company and market sector. It is even possible to create them by API from external applications to streamline the typing from other solutions such as CRM.

Do my self-management channels work?

The main objective of self-management systems such as IVR, Virtual Agents, or chatbots is to improve retention and reduce human agents' effort by providing the possibility for customers to attend themselves to solve frequent requirements such as consulting the value of an invoice or verifying the location of a shipment.

In this sense, monitoring these channels is critical because knowing the traceability of the interaction with the customer and evaluating the systems' retention allows identifying the moments of self-service that are not working to parameterize them again and thus fulfill the function for which they were implemented.

According to the reports' information, optimizing the self-management channels is critical for the operation. An agile and straightforward chatbot will improve the customer experience and reduce costs and customer-advisor effort.

In general terms, it is essential to know the metrics and productivity indicators of each of the actors that are part of the customer service. wolkvox makes it possible to consult information segmented by agents, the reason for customer inquiry, service consumption, self-service systems, among others. It is also easy to use the information from the reports in data analysis solutions, as The operation can consume them via API.

Currently, wolkvox has more than 60 reports that can be consulted directly from the Manager or exported via API to be processed in external applications. Contact our consultants to validate what information between lines contains these reports and optimize your operation.