Blog wolkvox, Why prioritize inbound calls?

Why prioritize inbound calls?

The agile handling of critical cu stomer situations, establishing a criteria for preferential attention to high-value customers, and avoiding annoying waits when agents are not available to handle inbound calls are three fundamental reasons for implementing intelligent people centric routing strategies to improve customer experience.

A recent report by Gartner indicates that placing people at the center of processes is one of the top technology trends for 2021. The premise of the report and a valuable lesson learned during the pandemic is that "people are still at the center of all businesses, and they need digitized processes to function in today's environment."

Implementing intelligent prioritization strategies for inbound calls enables the development of a total experience that integrates customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and user experience (UX) by linking actions to create a better overall experience for all parties.

How can wolkvox enable intelligent prioritization?

wolkvox utilizes innovative technology to route calls to the appropriate skilled agent using smart waiting functionality to determine the best routes for handling customer requests which can be parameterized to improve the customer experience.

Last customer handling information: All data related to the last communication with a customer in the last 24 hours can be saved with contextual information so that any other agent can interact with the same customer in the future.

Routing to a skilled agent: Use the particular skills of the agent team to your advantage by assigning those with higher levels of proficiency to priority customers.

Smart waiting functionality With intelligent hold technology can improve operational service levels by avoiding annoying waits on hold many customers experience during inbound calls.

Intelligent routing: Determine the best route to attend to your customer requirements in an agile way by directing the interaction to the right destination through feature segmentation.

The implementation of wolkvox tools to enable intelligent prioritization in your company will alleviate annoying waits on hold for your customers and provide greater flexibility in to meeting their service level needs., Additionally, organizations can optimize the particular skills of the team of agents and resolve customer concerns in an agile way by reducing the amount of transfer and waiting time.