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Improve the agents' work with wolkvox

Absenteeism and continuous rotation of agents, besides being costly for the operation, decreases the possibility of improving quality and efficiency in customer service, sales, or collections. At the end of the day, having a well trained, educated and motivated workforce since the cost of poor service is much higher than providing adequate tools and listening to the voice of the employees.

According to the COPC Standard for Customer Experience Optimization, staff turnover in a contact center is costly due to the payment of salaries during training, the direct cost of the recruitment process, the payment of overtime to old agents to cover shifts, the reduced productivity of newly hired agents, and the cost of training.

Employee retention strategies

To reduce turnover and absenteeism a good tactic is to listen to the Voice of the Employee (VoE). Management that aims to improve performance and retention, identify areas of underperformance in the organization to know the causes of boredom and burnout of consultants, and thus finds other ways to motivate employees.

In addition to listening to employees, it is important to provide a good technological tool that in an agile, simple, and quick to implement way allows each advisor to perform their role in the most ideal way possible, for example, the native integration between wolkvox Contact Center and wolkvox CRM allows from a unified desktop to manage the relationship with customers while the interaction develops, avoiding human errors when changing applications.

Gamification, much more than choosing the best agent of the week

Inspire and engage your workforce through motivational tools to engage your agents and improve performance according to key performance indicators.

Implementing this tool will help you foster competition and collaboration to increase agent productivity through performance leaderboards; transform team collaboration into a meaningful experience to encourage staff to excel and break the monotony of activities; provide quality customer service through motivated agents.

How does wolkvox facilitate the work of advisors in Contact Centers?

From the Diagram Studio, wolkvox Contact Center's graphical interface where voice, chat, and interaction attention flows are designed, different components can be added to facilitate the work of advisors:

- Agent Notification: Allows in chat to limit the number of simultaneous conversations that an agent can manage, regulating the workload of the advisors; in addition, by notifying through pop-ups, it becomes a dynamic help in customer service, reminding them of essential points or actions.

- Attach: This allows the transmission of data collected from the customer during the interaction with the IVR so that the agent can see it at the time of call entry and thus optimize the time of attention.

- Transfers: Allows transferring interactions with end-users with context to skill and between operations. Evaluate in the reports the operations that were transferred evaluate the learning curve of the new advisors and knowledge gaps of the old ones for reinduction.

- Last agent search: Allows to identify and transfer the agent who has served this client in the last 24 hours, which saves time in the advisor's management by knowing the details of the case.

- Diagram Scripting: It is a script to help the call establish through decision rules the speech that the agent must follow during the voice interaction with the customer, this guide adapts to the possible answers. This tool allows reducing the time that new agents require to be productive while learning.

Likewise, it is a good strategy to develop virtual agents with artificial intelligence tools to develop recurring conversations about the most frequently asked questions and to reserve human talent for specific tasks, thus better managing workloads.

What's New in Agent's Look and Feel

The wolkvox Agent dashboard has not only changed its appearance in the delivery of the advisor's performance information but it has also been renewed to provide more useful information to the agent by detailing his activity in two tabs: General and campaign.

In the general view, you can identify the interaction management, the main performance metrics, the channels, skills, and campaigns to which the advisor is associated; while in the campaign section view you can see in the management funnel graph the summary of the day that relates the number of contacts and how many of these have been RPC and/or Hit.