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Focus your sales team on relevant assignments

Manage the relationship with customers from Customer Relationship Management - CRM - platforms to develop marketing automation activities, monitor interactions, and automate companies' sales force by centralizing a customer's information in an integrated desktop is continuously updated.

In this sense, automating and customizing actions set in response to certain conditions without human intervention allows the sales team to use their time on specific tasks, leaving repetitive tasks that consume valuable minutes to the machine.

The native integration of wolkvox Contact Center and wolkvox CRM enables the development of a unified customer experience from the moment the prospect enters as a potential customer to post-sales support after the goods and services have been implemented or purchased.

Below we share some recurring questions in managing the sales process from solutions such as CRM that focus their attention on the relationship with the customer by facilitating access to information and standardizing processes.

How to manage leads?

The use of forms on web pages or social networks has become an indispensable tool to collect information from interested customers, who voluntarily give their data to be contacted later. By executing this process from the web, the sales team's work time is optimized since it does not have to be typed again in the CRM or other customer management platforms.

From wolkvox CRM, it is possible to generate forms in a simple way that automatically updates the information creating new contacts or companies. A single click is transformed into a business, reducing the administrative burden of modifying information in separate platforms.

Likewise, from the wolkvox CRM leads module, you can manage in an agile way the attention of leads by adding activities, assigning priorities to tasks and notes to improve the process.

How to control the execution of customer management activities?

Between calls, meetings, and tasks, sales consultants' time can vanish and extend the deadlines for the execution of necessary customer management actions. The wolkvox CRM activity module is easy to schedule reminders to keep track of urgent tasks.

The management of activities from platforms such as CRM is key to the sales process because it becomes a tool that helps fulfill the actions promised to customers within the deadline. For example, if we have told a customer that we will send the quote in two days, it is possible that if you do not receive it within that period, look for other suppliers to solve their requirement for services.

Why follow up with the business and the sales team?

When a company has developed a solid structure and established processes that must be implemented consistently by all sales representatives, the follow-up at each stage is vital for the successful closure of the operations.

From wolkvox CRM performs detailed follow-up and updates the negotiation status from the moment the customer is interested, receives the offer, contracts the service, or executes the implementation, adding other situations such as progress, active or closed.

On the other hand, it is possible to create and consult the work team's goals by filtering periods in the forecasts module. The creation of goals is essential because it provides the sales force with a direction to work by, facilitates planning, favors control, and becomes a motivational tool for employees.

In wolkvox CRM, from the information panel module, it is possible to see an overview through graphs and management indicators that provide a summary view of the data in real-time to facilitate analysis and decision making.

According to the study published by Softdoit, "Customer Relationship Management - Analysis Report 2020 - 2027,": mature customer service, automated engagement, enhanced customer experience, and the increasing scope of digital operations are some of the factors driving the demand for CRM solutions, so taking advantage of its benefits will make your sales force focus on the essential tasks.