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The evolution of the Contact Center

The integration of different channels, the digital transformation and the expansion of requirements by customers, who every day request more actions beyond the existing ones such as sales and customer service, could be some of the reasons why contact centers have entered a transformation stage that could be called Interactive Support Center or Interactive Engagement Centers, according to BeringPoint consulting firm.

The first stage of the customer service centers arose in 1962, that year the Ford automobile company by means of the telephone contacted near 20,000 people to get clients to their salesmen, in the following years the industry in different sectors implemented call centers considering their utility for the reduction of costs, time saving and the creation of a culture of self-service.

The use of the Internet and the implementation of various digital channels by companies for customer service transformed the initial idea of the Call Center into a Contact Center, converting it from a single to a multi-channel space, from transactional to relational, that is, from focusing its attention on optimizing its quality to putting the focus on the customer to establish a stable and satisfactory relationship with him.

In this scenario, wolkvox differs from other solutions in the market not only by its speed of implementation that ensures the start of the operation in just two days, but also by its automatic updates of new features at no cost, which allows our solution to offer omnicanality in customer service.


Evolution to the Interactive Engagement Center

The possibilities of establishing a multi-channel strategy, that is, making available several channels that act independently, allowed companies to rethink the way they relate to their consumers and concepts such as the right channel, personalized attention, the use of a segmented approach and the creation of an integrated model are mixed to give way to the third evolution of customer service.

In this sense, Customer Engagement strategies that offer the possibility for the customer to choose the channel to be in communication according to their preferences, establish a proactive and personal contact are elements that combine to improve user satisfaction.

In the search for the right medium, wolkvox allows you to connect the channels of incoming and outgoing calls to cell phones and landlines, video calls, interactions to Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, manage web chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Line, Telegram, SMS and configure overflows from web forms to suit the particular needs of each market sector and company.


Evolution beyond the platform

The platforms in the market have evolved from offering only digital voice services (separate systems), to integrating voice with other options (social networks, customer knowledge and web analytics) and finally, establishing simultaneous communication (Intelligent FAQ, intelligent live chat, video chat, co-browsing, social CRM).

In this scenario, the skills of agents have been transformed at the same pace as the solutions that allow customer service, has gone from a basic profile with knowledge in writing, to a collaborative profile with mastery of oral and written skills, to reach an autonomous profile with capabilities not only writing and speaking but autonomy and responsibility.

Thus, as BearingPoint indicates in its study "The digital evolution journey of the Contact Center", we have moved from a dedicated model with mono-skilled agents to a hybrid model with multiskilled agents to consolidate an integrated model with autonomous agents, which turns customer service into a conversational experience that responds in real time by voice, text or video.