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Omnichannel strategy in the customer experience 3.0

Enriching interactions with multiple contact channels, improving infrastructure, taking advantage of the boom in social networks, and capitalizing on the competitive advantages of hosting services in the cloud allows you to develop a proactive strategy for intelligent customer service.

Contact channels have become complementary based on the design and implementation of multi-channel strategies, which have the central objective of putting the customer in contact with the company or vice versa. These channels allow the change of medium without losing context information, i.e., unifying the customer's journey.

Frost & Sullivan defines omnichannel as a high-quality experience for the customer, effortlessly and seamlessly, which occurs within and between contact channels, using channels such as the telephone; one-way instant messages such as text messages; two-way messages through platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger; mass or personal email, and attention through IVR or virtual voice agents.

In this scenario, customer preferences regarding their favorite channel to be contacted play a crucial role. In a survey of 1,000 people in the United States conducted by Contact Babel, the research company concluded that only 1 out of 4 people prefer to answer the phone when contacted by companies.

Omnichannel strategy

From the wolkvox omnichannel predictive dialer, it is possible to design strategies that allow companies to contact their customers through different channels. This dialing is configured in wolkvox Manager by choosing the main channel and the following options when a connection is unsuccessful.

In a multi-channel strategy, the strategy must ensure that the initial contact's data and context are transferred to subsequent channels, reducing the customer's effort, improving customer interaction, and allowing the company to adapt the customer's journey, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Thus, taking into account the characteristics of the campaign, it will be possible to determine the order and time interval between interactions with the customer, for example, when starting the phone call, the ring time is parameterized, automatic recognition of answering machine and time interval to contact the customer through the next channel, which could be a text message, WhatsApp email or virtual agent.

In conclusion, the advantages of contacting customers with a predictive dialing strategy with wolkvox allow them to manage the campaign from a unified desktop, develop conversations in context, follow up through reports and reduce the cognitive effort of the agents to provide a 3.0 experience to the final customer.